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This body of work was realized at the hight of the COVID pandemic in 2020. I had been working on these digital Mandalas since 2003. The premise simple and straight forward:

Hi resolution digital slices of manmade urban dwellings and structures, which are placed into constructed geometric patterns and grids, defined spaces or oversized presentations. Presented large and saturated it is the physical relationship, tension, and dynamic between the image and the viewer which drives these images.

The position that the Constructs create an organizational structure, a central void, a vortex within which the composition is focused and revolves (Mandala), while independent of scale, the naturally reoccurring patterns and designs (Fractals) and the subject matter, including the play of forms, contrasting tones and colors, the textures and patterns, is intended to be on one level disturbing, yet on another level balanced and seductive. These images are meant to entice the viewer to look deeper into the image. In essence, my goal is to “suck” the viewer into the image and to physically engage them in the subject. This synesthesia and the belief that colors, shapes, and forms have an emotional resonance and can transport the viewer are the central theme of and energy behind this body of work.

Now (2020), instead of large oversized prints, this presentation is smaller, more intimate and personal, requiring the viewer to actually physically interact with the work. To become a participant in its performance and creation. No longer needing a museum or gallery wall to enjoy (which of course we were not able to go to anyways), 72 Pieces of COVID Distraction is a personal puzzle meant to exist on your desk, or coffee table, visually only an arm’s length away. Forcing you to sink into the distraction, work on and try to find your personal formula for completion, become absorbed in, to become frustrated, walk away from and return to try again. Ultimately (I have faith) successful and with that the feeling of your own personal creative fulfillment. “I did it!”

72 Pieces of COVID Distraction